Infrastructure   CI Printing Press

Propack’s Central Impression Printing Press (Miralflex CM) showcases Windmoller & Holscher‘s exquisite design experience. They are world leaders in manufacturing state-of- the- art flexography printing press.

The CI press can be used to print for all major applications using plastic films, paper, aluminium foils and laminates with widths of up to 1270 mm (50”) and print repeats from 370 – 800 mm (14.5” – 31.5”). It can print up to 8 colours on each side at a maximum speed of 370 m/min. The above feature can help you design co branded printed bags/films. It provides fully automatic features, resulting in significant benefits such as fast production start-up, reproducible settings resulting into higher print quality and consistency in shades. Our CI printing unit can print attractive and complex designs with perfect registration which will increase the brand value of your product in the market place!

Feel free to ask us for samples! Our printing experts can help you out with any queries that you may have.

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