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The company was started as a small scale unit in Bombay in the year 1959 by Mr. Thakore Vashi. At that time it was known as V.K. Engineering & Plastic Industries. In 1989, the company was shifted to Daman, a union territory 160 Kilometres north of Bombay. The name at this juncture was changed to Propack Industries, as it is currently known.

Growing from a small company, today Propack has the capacity to extrude 5400 metric tonnes of film every year. Further, we have the capacity to print and supply 3500 metric tonnes of finished bags for various products. Over the decades, the company has been setting standards in the flexible packaging industry through its high quality standards and constant innovation. Its specialty is in multi-layered film which provides properties critical to packing, preserving and displaying a wide range of products.

The films manufactured and processed at Propack are known as multilayer films because they are produced by a method called blown film co-extrusion. Multilayer films are a combination of two or more polymers co-extruded to form one homogenous film but with distinct individual layers. Depending on the properties required, the company can provide a range of films with different constructions which are not viable with monolayer films.

Our films and bags are supplied to companies’ world over and are well accepted in global markets. Our dedication to provide the best to our customers is unwavering.

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