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Nirav Desai, Manager of Projects & Maintenance
Work at Propack is always challenging and that helps me bring out the best in me. In this organization I have been given ample opportunities and the company looks at your skills and if you are able to display them to the advantage of the business, your growth is certain.I have been working in Propack for last 12 years and during this period I have only seen growth in the business and my capabilities. I have been given responsibilities that maybe no other organization would give, but out here the business gives you higher responsibilities as well as has trust that you will complete it I find Propack a very determined organization and within this determination I find myself striving along with the company to achieve more and reach greater heights.
Manish Naik, Manager of Production and QC
A journey which I started in 1994 as an executive in the bag making unit is still on as Manager of Production and Quality at Propack.I like working at Propack because ethics, teamwork, empowerment, safety and the environment always remain high on the management agenda. I have been blessed with being able to work with many wonderful people over the years. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role as Head – Production & Quality to prove myself and achieve greater heights. At Propack everyone focuses on excellence and approaches with a profound sense of integrity.
G Arun Kumar, Printing Manager
At Propack, I’ve found a fast-paced environment, with a company culture grounded in a healthy, active lifestyle. I enjoy being at a company that has continued to grow and expand its reach every year that I've been here. Being on the technical side of the business, I've also enjoyed being able to experiment with the newest cutting edge technologies that can help increase productivity for our customers while enhancing our business.
Uday, Plant Incharge, Bag Making
Propack offered me the opportunity to thrive in an ever changing work environment with constant challenges and opportunities to grow. Since start I have been amazed at the level of trust bestowed on me and all round support I got to succeed. I am incharge of bag- making at Propack and I enjoy the challenges that my job entails. I hope to work and grow here further.

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