Environment and CSR

As a flexible plastic packaging manufacturer, we are fully aware of the environmental and social responsibilities pertaining to the business. Our company has taken several steps to ensure that the impact of our product is minimized on the environment.

Our sister company’s Chairman, Mr. P.P. Kharas was nominated as the first Chairman of Plastindia Foundation’s Enviroplast Committee in 1995. He is also an executive member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Centre for Plastics in Environment. Under his leadership and guidance, Propackhad adopted the approach of REDUCE- REUSE- RECYCLE which allows us and our customers to use plastic packaging in the most optimal way possible.

Our proudest collaboration is with EPI, a company that is a proponent and a leader of the oxo biodegradable plastic additive technology. Their “Totally Degradable Plastic Additives” is a technology that controls the lifetime of the common products made from plastic. This additive allows the plastic products produced by Propack, to biodegrade when discarded into environmentally benign products within a few months to a few years as compared to decades or longer for the same products made without the benefit of the technology. Our license agreement with EPI allows us to add this technology to any our products to ensure “safe plastic”

We supply oxo biodegradable plastic bags to many of our global and domestic customers such as hotel chains, departmental stores and FMCG giants. By supplying plastic that is biodegradable, we are ensuring that we encourage our customers to use responsible packaging and thus practicing sustainable development.

Our latest venture is into the field of compostable films, where in we are collaborating with European companies to bring compostable film to pan India. This will also be a significant step towards an environmentally aware society leading to a cleaner country.

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