Quality Control

Quality Policy

We, at Propack are committed to providing our customers value for their money by supplying quality products with timely delivery backed with excellent service. Our stringent quality standards encompass a clean and safe working environment while constantly motivating our employees to strive for innovation and efficiency. We, at Propack have made quality a way of life.

Quality Control

Propack Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9000:2008 certified company. One of the core principles of Propack Industries is to provide our customers with excellent products and technological services. Our products are produced with utmost care in quality so that our customers get the best packaging for their products.

Our quality control procedure is outlined below

  • › All required processes are identified
  • › The criteria & methods needed to ensure effective operation & control of these processes are determined
  • › Provisions are made to continuously measure, monitor the processes
  • › The results are regularly analysed
  • › Procedures are established to achieve planned results& make continual improvements
  • › The necessary information & resources required for the purpose are provided .The process of printing is outsourced from the subsidiary company
  • › Necessary controls to ensure the product conformity are exercised
  • › Where internal facilities are not available, calibration and maintenance processes are outsourced
  • › Necessary controls are exercised to ensure compliance of the requirement

Apart from this, extensive tests are done of films and bags at several points in production to ensure that the product is of the highest quality. Every process in production and value addition chain is monitored on stringent criteria so that there are no defects. We pride ourselves on consistently supplying product of the highest quality.

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